Yoga with teenagers

These groups are about doing yoga with your peers. The classes are tailored to the various age groups, and you can also contribute your own ideas so we can explore yoga together. The lessons are partly accompanied by music, and the group is welcome to make their own music suggestions, too.

As a group, we become familiar with various relaxation techniques which can help you handle exam situations more calmly and sleep more restfully. Yoga drives you to become more confident, boosts your concentration skills, makes you more aware of your body, and is fun.

We’ll incorporate issues that are currently bothering you. There’s no pressure to perform; you can just be you, because that’s precisely what you’re meant to be.


Wege entstehen dadurch, dass man sie geht.

– Franz Kafka –

Hatha Heart Flow
Franziska Mori

Kreuzgasse 1
3250 Lyss

076 202 76 97
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