Nourish the mind and body, relax, and find inner peace. If you want to take an extra step towards finding yourself, yoga can help.

Yoga is about increasing awareness and finding inner peace. The physical exercises (asanas) enable us to get a greater sense of our own body, become more familiar with it, create space, and open gateways for energy to flow more freely.

Whether it’s your first time trying yoga or you’ve already had plenty of experience with it, everyone is welcome. We create a place where we can leave our everyday worries at the door, and take some time out for ourselves.

Yoga Lessons

Lessons in small groups and private lessons in Bargen.

Yoga lessons...

Yoga for teenagers

Yoga is not about pressure or performance. You decide what works for you. Want to do yoga with people of your own age?

Yoga for teenagers...

Yoga Weekend

Through yoga and meditation you can reconnect with yourself and spend a relaxing weekend in the mountains.

Yoga weekend in the mountains...

Wege entstehen dadurch, dass man sie geht.

– Franz Kafka –

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